Blog Instructions

TAAS is going to launch a blog and we would love submissions from you! What we would love is essays/articles/postings written by our studio members. Of course, the main topic will be acting and the entertainment industry. Studio members could write about any topic that they feel that they are an expert on. Some examples would be…

  • “A discussion on the definition of method acting”, “How to choose a voice coach”, “Audition tips”, “Why improv is important, even if you don’t want to be a comedian”, etc. etc. Whatever you think would make an interesting read
  • You could also review acting books, both new and established.
  • Discussing major changes to the industry, such as new technologies, trends, studios, theatres, etc.
  • If you spot a really interesting article in a newspaper, magazine, etc. it would be great to submit it! Just send me the link. If you write an introductory paragraph, or even just a sentence, we will credit the submission to you and publish your headshot and bio along with the content

What we don’t want, is for this section to look like someone is trying to advertise their studio. If you discuss a topic as an expert, then this will automatically be good advertising for you, but if we are publishing articles that are essentially, ‘why you should study with me’, then we are in danger of turning people off. The place to advertise your studio is on your personal studio page and on your own website.

How we will credit you. If you send me you headshot and a short bio (4 or 5 sentences) we will publish this info at the bottom of your blog posting.

  • Please send me your headshot as a .jpg .gif or .png file. I will tweak it to fit the requirements of the website. If your headshot is in another format than what is listed, please let me know and I’ll check and see if I can work with it.
  • Your bio should be short. 4 or 5 sentences max.
  • We will publish the link to your studio page as well and that way readers can easily find you.

All blog postings will be cross posted to Facebook and Twitter. We are hoping that this section will allow for a real communication to exist with the overall acting community. It will give Toronto’s actors a reason to come to TAAS, other than to just shop for a studio.

Please check all of your submissions for spelling and grammar. If this isn’t your strong point, then try and get someone else who is good at it to read it over. We are going to have a volunteer editor for the first little while, but we still need postings to be submitted in the best shape they can be. The more a posting needs to be edited, the longer it will take to get it posted.

Since this is a pretty new concept for us, we won’t have any due dates for the blog. People can submit whenever they like. If it’s too overwhelming, or we realize that we need a more clearly defined system, then we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Send your blog posting to Please use the subject line, “TAAS Blog Submission.

Blogging Inspiration

Here are some blogs you can read for inspiration.

Spacing on one of my favourite blogs and it focuses on Toronto politics and planning. You’ll see posts of various lengths depending on the subject. They post daily and have a large and very dedicated following.

This is a fun blog post by a Sudbury actor/designer.
Or read his most recent postings.

Here’s a super long and controversial one from the Huffington Post
Or have a look at their current postings.