1. We dedicate ourselves to excellence, honourable effort, self-discipline, integrity, personal growth and development, and respect for the body, mind and soul.
  2. We will honour all relationships established as a coach/teacher and we will not further personal, political, or business interests at the expense of the best interests of the participants. We will avoid situations which might present a conflict of interest or reduce our ability to be objective and unbiased in our determination of the best interests of our students.
  3. We are responsible for delivering a high standard of professional competence.
  4. We strive to work in safe and appropriate situations that enhance the quality of services and support the health and safety of participants.
  5. We act towards professional colleagues in a manner characterized by courtesy, good faith, and respect.
  6. We will abstain from all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment.
  7. We will be realistic in the preparation of participants for performance. We will assess participants accurately and avoid encouraging expectations that are not appropriate.
  8. We will respect the confidentiality of information gained through the class work or offered by participants.
  9. We will encourage a climate of respect and mutual support among all participants.
  10. We support, promote and practice the concepts expressed in the Canadian Human Rights Code.