New Member Instructions

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with how the TAAS website works. You’d be surprised how much easier this makes things. Also, please be sure to carefully read all of the instructions. If they aren’t followed properly, then things can become very time consuming.

Below are there elements that are absolutely necessary for you to be included on the TAAS website. There are more optional elements such as the news page, the blog, social media and the home page slideshow. Please use the above menu for more information.


The first thing you need to send in is a logo. Without this you cannot added to the TAAS site.

Dimensions: 300w × 65h (72ppi)


Below are all of the possible categories your studio can be listed under. Please choose only those that directly apply to your studio. For example, if you incorporate a bit of clowning, mask, etc. theory within your regular classes, but do not offer a specific class/training in clowning, mask, etc., please DO NOT include this category in your list. We want this site to be as user friendly as possible to keep actors coming back! If you ever need to update your categories, please get in touch.

Acting Technique • Audition • Business Skills • Clown & Bouffon • Improv • Mask • Monologue • Movement • On Camera Film or TV • Scene Study • Shakespeare • Singing for Actors • Stage or Film Combat • Voice & Speech • Voice-Over • Young People

Social Media

TAAS is on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. If you haven’t taken the time to follow us, please do! We will follow you back. Also share with everyone you think might be interested in following us. We are going to be using social media to promote you, so it would be great if you could promote us! Here’s the links:
Twitter @TAAStudios:

Studio News

**Update: We are now allowing studios to add us to their newsletters and we can create posting for our News page and Social media from your newsletter. Please use this email:  If you don't have a newsletter, or would prefer to word your own postings, please follow the instructions below.

This page on the website allows for each studio to submit one news item monthly that they would like to have published on the website.

  • This item will stay up for as long as it's current. For example if you have a start date of March 5th, your item will be taken down shortly after that. 
  • The item can be about 3 sentences long. We thought a bit of flexibility would be nice for studios, so we are not using a word or character count, but if studios abuse this by writing endlessly long sentences then this rule will have to change and we will go with a word count. As a general rule, it is best to keep web text brief and to the point. People tend to be in a hurry when reading text online and often just skip lengthy text.
  • You can only submit once a month for the News page. If you have other news that you want so still have active, the new item can be combined with the old one. 
  • Items must be submitted ready for publication. Be sure if you want something bolded or italicized that you’ve indicated it. Only use underline for showing what text you want linked. Do not write your item in all caps. All caps are like yelling on the web. You can use all caps to emphasize one or two words if you like, but bold and italics tends to look a little more sophisticated. 
  • No spelling or grammar errors! If this isn’t your strong point, then perhaps you can find a student who can edit your copy for you. – If an item is submitted with errors or with some other problems, (meaning that I have to email the studio to clarify or I need more info — too long, missing content), we may not be able to publish it. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but as you are all aware we are dealing with a limited budget here, Also, there are a lot of you!
  • Please place any links that you would like used in your news item in brackets [your link in here]. Beside the brackets underline the text you want hyperlinked. This will be helpful if you want a phrase like ‘click here for more info’ and with that text linked to your website.
  • No images will be allowed. Text only.
  • The title of your item can be 6 words long. I will place your studio name in front of your title

Here is an example of a News item:

Equity Showcase Theatre – New Voice Class with David Smukler

Led by David Smukler, one of Canada’s foremost master voice teachers, the intensive is facilitated by a faculty of ten performance researchers. The participants, including performers of various disciplines ranging from advanced students to senior professionals and educators, will develop and refine skills to enrich and enliven their practices. More information available on Equity’s website [].

Please feel free to also include a version no longer than 140 characters so that we can also post it to Twitter and Facebook. Don’t know how to count characters? Here’s some instructions:

  • Write your text in Microsoft Word and under Tools click on “Word Count”. In the breakdown look for “Character count with spaces”.
  • There are also websites that do the same thing. Just google “count characters”. Make sure spaces are included in the count!

Need to shorten your URLs? There are lots of options. Here’s a couple:

Send your news to Please use the subject line, “TAAS Studio News.